Managed Private Cloud Hosting to Enhance Your Digital Transformation

The foundation of VMware Private Cloud is a straightforward resource-based pricing structure. Start with as few resources as necessary, and add more as your private cloud grows. There are no per-VM fees, and you can deploy as many virtual machines as you have the hardware to support.
Allsov's completely managed solution eliminates the need for in-depth familiarity with VMware, making cloud adoption simple. With Private Cloud, expanding enterprises can simply make the switch from traditional hosting to a more secure, highly available virtualized environment, and existing VMware users can migrate their workloads to a more cost-effective, fully managed hosted infrastructure with no disruption.
You can find the ideal VMware hosting solution at Allsolv, whether you're looking to streamline operations and cut costs, modernize your infrastructure to better serve customers through enhanced performance, reliability, and security, or simply add scalability to position your business for future growth.

SMBs VMware Enterprise Hosting

VMware Private Cloud has a clear and simple, resource-based pricing structure. If your needs grow, add capacity to your private cloud architecture.

The maximum number of virtual machines (VMs) you can install depends purely on your resources.


High Performance Networking & Storage

The VMware Private Cloud features high-performance NetApp SAN storage in addition to its lightning-fast 10Gb networking.

Protection for Critical Workloads and Data

The Private Cloud comes integrated with both a secure firewall and DDoS protection. Backups can be done automatically with Acronis.

Ideal VMware Private Cloud 

VMware Private Cloud Brings Power to Your Important Workloads


Consolidation of Hosted & On-Prem Infrastructure

Business owners can save money on IT by streamlining operations and updating workflows by migrating their traditional hosting and on-premises infrastructure to a hosted private cloud.

SMBs usually gain in four main ways:

  • Centralized management of resources.
  • Faster provisioning and deployment.
  • Increased flexibility for demanding workloads.
  • Reduced operating and hardware costs.

Serving up Power for Mission-Critical Tasks

In the beginning, DataMaaS was meant to be an ERP integration consultancy firm.
DataMaaS developed a platform that centralizes data and makes it accessible to help clients make educated decisions in the manufacturing sector because it saw a need for better data digestion and usage in the sector.
Early on, DataMaaS realized that Azure wasn't cutting it; the platform was too sluggish. To handle their workloads, they found that Allsolv offered the most reliable option.
VMware Private Cloud offered twice as much output for DataMaaS as Azure.

What's the difference between the Multi-Tenant and Dedicated VMware Private Cloud infrastructure options?
Multi-Tenant VMware Private Cloud uses enterprise-grade servers to create virtual client data centers. This ensures high availability and reduces costs because you only pay for needed resources. Multi-tenant infrastructure offers rapid resource scaling when needed (such as when traffic spikes or surges). Dedicated VMware Private Cloud isolates your virtual data center with numerous single-tenant dedicated servers. This makes it a more adaptable, powerful, and secure alternative for compliance and high-performance needs.
What's the difference between Liquid Web Private VPS Parent and Private Cloud powered by VMware?
Private Cloud by VMware is a scalable cloud solution for enterprise apps. Private Cloud is a self-managed virtual data center that can run any OS or VMware image. Private VPS Parent uses Liquid Web's cloud platform to create and manage VPS instances on a single dedicated parent server.
Can I import my VMs from my current environment?
Yes, we have many migration alternatives and will recommend the optimal one for your business.